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We train Ukrainian soldiers and support them with equipment (except for weapons).

The Ukrainian soldiers and foreign fighters are fighting with great self-sacrifice for Ukraine's and our existence.

The war is merciless, bloody, brutal and incomprehensible. It devours everything in its path and new equipment is constantly needed.

It is to Ukraine's soldiers that we must put our hope and trust that peace will be achieved.

It is an enormous task that the Ukrainian soldiers still have ahead of them.

After peace, it will take decades to clear all the mines and rebuild everything destroyed.

We have been struggling since the beginning of December with training and buying equipment for the soldiers as much as we can here in the front line around Bakhmut.

We need your help to support the soldiers with training and equipment.

Help us help them! Help us spread this message!

Who are we?

Hello, my name is Magnus Ek and I have been an instructor in the Ukrainian army since July 2022.

We are also working with Sebastian Stakset and his organisation Heart of Evangelism, who have been working in Ukraine since February 2022.

@sebastianstakset85 @heartofevangelism